Greg Day is a gifted songwriter and singer. He started out at an early age singing with his family, The Day Family, who traveled as evangelists and singers. At the age of 18, Greg enlisted into the United States Air Force and moved to Fort Walton Beach, Florida where he was stationed.

Through a lot of bad decisions and running from God, Greg became an alcoholic. He lived this way for four years. He reached rock bottom and realized he needed Christ to change his life. He woke a preacher up at 1:30 am in a drunken condition and the preacher reached out to Greg and led him in the sinners prayer. The Lord saved and delivered Greg that early morning and he has never looked back.

At the age of 23, Greg asked the Lord to use him in whatever way He wanted. The Lord chose to give Greg the gift of song writing. The first song the Lord gave to Greg and his brother Chuck back in 1986 was a song called "The Midnight Cry."

From that time until now "Midnight Cry" has been recorded thousands of times and sung all over the world in many different languages. It was also featured in the first "Left Behind" movie.

Greg and Chuck were honored at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky in 2006 with an award from the Provident Music Group in Nashville TN. The award was for "Midnight Cry" being one of the most recorded Christian songs in the history of gospel music.

God has given Greg hundreds of songs since then, and Greg gives God all the praise and glory for them because he knows where the songs come from.

It is very evident that God is using Greg for his kingdom and has anointed him to minister to the lost and hurting.

It is Greg's desire to let God lead him in every aspect of his life until "The Midnight Cry."